VT-10 Manual Phoropter

Product Code: VT10

VT-10 Manual Phoropter


Sphere range  -19.00D-+16.75 (Step: 0.25D)
 Cylinder range
 0.00D - -6.00D (Step: 0.25D)
 ( 0.00D to 8.00D with additional lens of-2.00D)
Cylinder axis  0 to 180°, 5°steps
Cross Cylinder  ±25 diopters
Cross-cylinder lens  ±0.25D
Rotary prisms  0 to 20,1 steps
P.D.adjustment  48-75mm,1mm steps
Dimensions  345×295×85(mm)
Net weight  4.5Kg


Automatically interlock between cross-cylinder lens and lens coordinates

Price - $550

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