VISIONIX VX220 Diagnostic Device

Product Code: VX220

VISIONIX VX220 Diagnostic Device


General dimensions               W 12.59 in. x D 21.8 in x 21.25 (H)
Weight                                    27kg/ 59.5lbs
Working distance                   94mm
Alignment                               XYZ automatic
Display                                   10.1” (1024 x 600) TFT, multi-touch screen
Observation area                   14mm
Printer                                     Integrated black and white - external colour available
Voltage                                   100/120, 220/240 V CA, 50/60 Hz, 300 W
Medical directive                     CE 0473
Output                                     RS232 / USB / VGA / LAN


Cornea and anterior chamber analysis
The VX220 is a unique, complete and fully automatic topography device. The VX220 features variations of refraction, pathologies such as keratoconus, and fitting of contact lenses with integrated topography.
With full integration in mind, the VX220 is designed to be able to export measurements and findings and archive your data using Wi-Fi, USB key, office networks, etc.
Cornea analysis
• Contact lenses and fitting
• Screening keratoconus and corneal pathologies
• Pachymetry: measuring the thickness of the cornea
Technology: Analysis of the wavefront, Placido disk, Scheimpflug camera
• Screening for loss of contrast and penetration of light
• Effect of the opacity on the quality of vision
Technology: Retro illumination, Scheimpflug camera
• Measurement of IOP (intra ocular pressure measured in mm/Hg).
• Our measurement takes into account the thickness of the cornea to provide a corrected IOPc index
• Display iridocorneal angles and the height of the anterior chamber
Technology: Scheimpflug camera and non-contact tonometer with soft air puff


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