VX75 Slit Lamp

Product Code: SLVX75

VX75 Slit Lamp


Converging 6° - 3 magnifications     Parallel 6°- 3 magnifications
REF. 8475-0001-03 REF. 8475-0002-03

Converging 6° - 5 magnifications     Parallel 6°- 5 magnifications
REF. 8475-0001-05 REF. 8475-0002-05


Slit projector
·         Recognised slit projector with operating elements on top of the microscope
·         Variable slit lengths from 1 to 12 mm
·         Vertical tilting system up to 20° in 5° steps
Exceptional Stereo microscope
·         Choice of either three or five magnification levels
·         Converging ocular system
·         High contrast and brilliant pictures due to MAR coated optical lenses
Unique Stereo microscope
        Select up to five magnification levels via convenient magnification changer
        Adaptation to your visual habits by a variety of ocular tubes
        Experience unrestricted visual comfort even if you wear glasses by the five-focal optics of the eyepiece
Ergonomic features for operating convenience
        Convenient working distance
        Cross carriage with single-handed operation
        Slit adjustment, filter, scales and lock-in positions are within close range
        Suitable for right & left-handed users
        Blue cobalt (fluorescence), green (red-free), grey (heat absorbing) and yellow


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