Beta Master Refraction Unit

Product Code: COBETA

Beta Master Refraction Unit


Technical information
Voltage                                                ~230V 50/60Hz
Total weight                                       120 kg
Max height                                         181cm
Table height from the ground         From 70cm to 95cm (25cm lift)
Chair height from the ground         45cm
Overhead halogen lamp                  2x12V 35W
Adjustable power supply for 6V and/or 12V slit lamp/ophthalmometer


Beta Master Refraction Unit
        Lifting and sliding table top for two instruments
        Fixed height chair
        Column with integrated two adjustable halogen lamps and plate for chart projector
        Integrated transformer for instruments power supply
        Chin rest support plate
·         Phoroptor arm
·         Elevating column for the chair (15cm lift)
·         Foot switch control for up/down movement of the chair
·         Chair sliding (13cm) forward – backwards
·         Chair with reclining back
·         Shelf for junction box with decorative panels
·         Left-handed version

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