Javal Keratometer

Product Code: K004

Javal Keratometer


Main Data
Height                     430 mm (16.9 in)
Width                      320 mm (12.6 in)
Depth                      380 mm (14.9 in)
Distance to eye      150 mm
Voltage                   110 / 220 V
Operating voltage   12 V
Standards               MDD, CE
Cornea measurement data
Curvature radius                                    5.6 to 11.3 mm (steps up to 0.05 mm)
Focal power of the cornea system       30.00 to 60,00 dpt (steps up to 0.25 dpt)
Focal power of cornea astigmatism      in 1-dpt steps or per scale (steps of 0.25 dpt)
Shaft angle measuring disc
Range 0° to 180°


Functional and economic Keratometer
Measurements of the cornea
       Focal power of the cornea system
       Astigmatism, axial position and main cuts
       Curvature radius of the front cornea surface applications in the case of contact lenses
       Radius measurement of the interior and exterior surfaces of hard contact lenses
Appropriate layout of the operating and read-off elements
       All device operations can be carried out in one single step
       Radius and dioptric values are easy to read off thanks to appropriately integrated illumination and magnifying glass
       Simple setting of the second main step by index marks on the Tabo system which have been rotated by 90°

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