Eye Refract - Visionix

Product Code: AUIREF

Eye Refract - Visionix


·         Auto-focus
·         Auto-tracking
·         Simultaneous measurement
·         Both measurement and refraction verification occur at the same time
·         Full connectivity and data transfer capability (VX 40, VX 24, PC)
·         More natural measurement
·         Quick process for maximum patient comfort and time savings
·         Highly accurate prescriptions
·         Ultra fast process


Revolutionary refraction technology – Achieve tomorrow’s vision today
Available exclusively in the UK from Grafton Optical. For a quote or to arrange a demo please contact sales@graftonoptical.com or call us on 01923 233980.
The concept
Eye Refract features a dual Aberrometer that utilises a unique and innovative technology which couples an automatic refraction measurement and a simultaneous iterative lens adjustment. This instrument has revolutionised the practice of refraction offering quick, accurate, and reliable measurements. Eye Refract allows eye care professionals to optimise time spent with patients by offering a highly customised experience with an exceptional prescription.
Eye Refract features two Shack-Hartmann sensors running simultaneously to provide real time binocular refraction. These sensors combined with the phoropter head allow Eye Refract to automatically correct visual defects.
·         Perfect visual acuity in less than one minute - less dedicated time for refraction, more time to interact with your patients
·         Accurate and reliable prescriptions offer maximum patient comfort in less time
·         Real time lens adjustment based on patient brain reactions
·         Distance and near vision measurement
·         Fully automatic eye tracking and auto-focusing
·         Wireless capability with tablet remote
·         Based on patented Wavefront Technology developed by Visionix®
·         Controlled by a tablet remote which allows the operator freedom of movement
·         Monocular measurement in a binocular environment offers a more precise and comfortable prescription based on individual visual behaviour
·         True addition which takes into account real distance results in unmatched comfort for your patients
·         Easy-to-use refractive instrument featuring highly repeatable results independent of operator, patient, or methods used


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