NEW Oculus UB6 Trial Frame

Product Code: UB6

NEW Oculus UB6 Trial Frame


Height and depth adjustable nose bridge.

6 slots: 4 in front, 2 behind.

Aluminum scales in anodic print.

New linear guide system of PD adjustment for greater precision.

Anatomically designed nose piece for more comfort.


Grafton offer the NEW Oculus UB 6 trial frame.

Lighter, trendier, simpler, more comfortable – this describes the new Universal Trial Frame from OCULUS in just a few words. For the new generation of the OCULUS Trial Frame, many suggestions from users were taken into consideration in order to create an even more comfortable method of subjective refraction for customers and optometrists.

New and never before present in an OCULUS Trial Frame are the 12 total slots for trial lenses: 6 for each side of the frame, 4 in front and 2 behind. This makes fine adjustment, with sph +/- 0,12 D or refraction with circular/linear polarizing filters, easier to carry out.

The new design with its optimized material mix is of course!, like the rest of the UB 6, 100 % “Made by OCULUS”. All 166 individual parts of the new Trial Frame are carefully crafted by hand with the highest attention to detail, for guaranteed quality.

Unique to this design: the gradation of the axis scales at 2.5° intervals. These are easy to read even in dark rooms. The operating elements have a new design and appear in a trendy grey colour tone.

The nose bridge can be adjusted in height and angle, and the nose piece is anatomically formed for better distribution of pressure. The thumb wheel for adjustment of the earpieces has also been modified and can now be gripped more firmly. The earpieces have been changed substantially: the new flexible double earpieces adapt perfectly to every ear shape.

The optionally available polarizing filters can be easily clipped on. There are two versions, linear and circular. Both offer an expanded viewing area for distance and near vision.  And of course, all OCULUS trial and special lenses in standard size 38 mm dia. are compatible with the new UB 6.

Technical specifications:
PD adjustment range 46 - 80 mm (1.9 - 3.2 in)
Scale division 2.5° gradation
Weight 60.2 g
Arm length 92 - 130 mm (3.7 - 5.1 in)
Tilt of arm (up/down) +12° / -14.5°
Lens holders, front 4
Lens holders, behind 2
Lens diameter 38 mm (1.5 in)
Rotary area (in front) 360°
VD measuring range 3 - 14 mm (0.1 - 0.6 in)

For full details download the PDF below.

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