DOC Classic Surgery Chair

Product Code: DOC Classic

 DOC Classic Surgery Chair


  • Hand control with sealed display
  • Comfortable replaceable headrest
  • Ergonomic shaped headrest with simple Quick-Fix fixation
  • Telescopic handgrip
  • Oxygen connection
  • Removable hygienic upholstery
  • Fold away armrest
  • Emergency button
  • Two central wheels for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Stable column with tilt function
  • Four electric brakes with integrated mechanic unlocking unit
  • Swivel castors, dust free, water resistant IP66


The DOC Classic was specifically designed for the Ophthalmology and ENT markets. The Dynamic Operating Chair (DOC) addresses the still strongly growing trend in the healthcare market, in which surgical procedures are more and more performed at outpatient clinics. From that perspective, the DOC Classic has been very successfully used in the Ophthalmology area in the last 10 years. Its use has proven an increased efficiency of more than 40%, in comparison with the traditional surgery process.
The DOC Classic is both an operating chair and table and was developed specifically for day surgery treatment. This unique product saves time; eliminates manual handling and the risk of back injury to clinical personnel, it offers a very high level of patient comfort and equally importantly reduces operating costs by improving efficiency.
The DOC Classic chair allows pre-op preparation, treatment and/or surgery together with recovery. The patient stays in the DOC during the whole procedure, from admission, surgery to recovery.
The DOC classic is leading in terms of safety and is equipped with essential safety and hygiene features. 

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