VISIONIX VX118 Diagnostic Device

Product Code: VX118

VISIONIX VX118 Diagnostic Device


Fully automated

Complete with pachymetry and topography

Automatic alignment and measurement

Cataract and Glaucoma analyis as standard feature


Fully automated

• Fully automatic 3D and R/L eye alignments.
• Operator independent measurements.
• High reproducibility of measurements.

Automatic alignment and measurement which allows

• High reliability for measurements
• Significant time savings
• Optimal comfort based on ergonomic design

Additional customers benefits

•  Quick detection of refraction, higher order aberrations, and warning indications for measurements outside of normal Parameters.
•  Easily transfer patient measurements to the doctor for exam
•  A refined and highly accurate refraction due to advanced technology and added features
•  Delegation of tasks.
•  As part of examinations of refraction and detection of high-order aberrations, possible suspicion of pathologies.

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