EasyScan Retinal Imaging

Product Code: EasyScan

EasyScan Retinal Imaging


Superior Imaging

Never Dilate



SLO technology = greater detail

Captures through cataracts

Operates in any light condition

1.5mm pupils



Grafton Optical are delighted to introduce the NEW EasyScan: Smart Retinal Imaging camera from i-Optics. 

Enjoy the benefits of SLO technology and capture high-quality images easily for accurate diagnosis.

Reduce examination time, capture images through small pupils and increase patient satisfaction with the fact that no dilation is ever needed.

EasyScan is a compact, light-weight device that will fit every office space and enable it to be easily transported between locations.

EasyScan can be used in single practices, mobile workstations and with multiple review stations.

EasyScan’s compact design allows it to fit in every office space and to be stored and moved between locations with ease. The simple USB connection to a computer gives you the flexibility to run your clinics anywhere. With a weight of less than 11kg/24lb and easy plug ‘n play installation it opens up high-end eye care to patients all over the world in the blink of an eye.

See what some of our customers think of the EasyScan. Click Here.

l Optical engine: Confocal SLO
l Capture mode: green (532 nm), near infrared (785 nm)
and combined (pseudo color)
l Field angle: 450
l Minimum pupil size: 1.5 mm
l Autofocus and auto capture: Yes
l Alignment help: “See what you get” with IR live imaging
l Emmetropia compensation: +/- 10D
l Networking capabilities including telediagnosis
l Image formats: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, DICOM, PDF
l Compact and portable
l Weight < 11kg/24lb

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