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Grafton Optical offer the NEW CLEARPATH DS-120 to the market, which detects diabetes.

The evaluation starts with asking patients simple questions to assess their risk of having uncontrolled glucose problems. These questions are based on the American Diabetes Association Risk Test and include: height/weight, exercise,
gender, race and family history of uncontrolled glucose.

In order to further confirm after one or more positive responses, a scan of the eye is performed using the CLEARPATH DS-120™ Lens Fluorescence Biomicroscope.

Highlights of the Scan Include:
• The system performs a self-test at start up.

• Only the patient’s chin and forehead contact the device. Both manual and computer interface adjustments are used to get the patient correctly positioned.

• The blue light scan is taken, usually taking just a few seconds.

• When the scan is complete, a graphical display of light scatter (top graph, blue), lens auto Fluorescence
(middle graph, green), and the ratio (bottom graph, violet) will be displayed.

• When the scan passes internal software checks on its validity, the fluorescence ratio (labelled “Fluorescence”) will be displayed.

• A report is displayed on the screen and that can be printed for the patient and/or for the patient’s file.  The scan data is also automatically saved on the computer’s hard disk.

• By identifying patients with fluorescence ratios significantly higher than expected, the clinician can identify patients with signs of degenerative changes in the lens, identify potential risk of chronic systemic diseases in conjunction with the other data collected in a routine eye examination, and institute appropriate patient management plans.

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