TC901Grafton 17" LED Test Chart

Product Code: TC901 LED Test Chart

TC901Grafton 17" LED Test Chart



 1. High resolution: 17-inch LED

 2. Wide range of popular charts

 3. Vector Optotypes and Charts

 4. Optotypes Randomization

 5. Contrast Sensitity Testing & Contrast Charts Testing

 6. Video & Audio playing

 7. Base on stable linux platform

 8. User-friendly remote controller

 9. Excellent CPU inside makes expanding further functions available


The Grafton 17" LED Test Chart offers excellent value for money whilst delivering on all levels.

The built-in software of TC901 is developed on Linux platform.  All the optotypes and charts are vector graph allowing it to be used in various clinical conditions and offering a better operating experience to customers.

For further details download the PDF below.


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