Refurbished Dicon Auto Perimeter LD 400R

Product Code: VFLD400

Refurbished Dicon Auto Perimeter LD 400R



  • Complete screening and full-threshold exams
  • Optional tests beyond 60
  • Patented kinetic fixation
  • Significantly shorter exam times
  • Simple two-button operation
  • Single and multiple stimulus testing
  • Voice prompts in 28 different languages
  • Voice recognition
  • Equivalent results in less time
  • Two-eye permanent report
  • Print out provides raw data and patient corrected data
  • Compatible with Dicon's Advanced FieldView Analysis Software
  • Deluxe electric table


The Dicon LD 400R is a compact, full field affordable autoperimeter. It has a small footprint and is rotating table compatible. It features rapid setup and easy two-button operation making it not only patient preferred but operator/user friendly. 

It is specially configured to ensure fast testing, reliable results, and is compatible with industry standards.

The LD 400 features screening, quantified missed points and threshold strategies as well as single or multiple stimulus testing capabilities. The LD 400 also includes voice recognition as well as voice prompts in 28 different languages.

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