Accupen Handheld tonometer

Product Code: DSACCPEN

Accupen Handheld tonometer


• Accurate – High resolution, real time waveform analysis help to ensure precise measurements.
• Easy-to-use – Ergonomic design combined with sighting lines allow for easy visualization of the cornea, facilitating both centralization and perpendicularity.
• Less calibration – Revolutionary gravity offset technology requires less calibration when compared to other handheld tonometers.
• Long lasting battery – Battery lasts approximately 15,000 measurements.
• Built in IOP Correction Calculator – Enter central corneal thickness to obtain adjusted IOP.


Accutome is proud to introduce the AccuPen Handheld Applanation Tonometer which uses high resolution, real-time waveform analysis to provide accurate IOP measurements. New gravity offset technology requires less calibration than other handheld tonometers.

Weighing only 3.0 oz, the AccuPen is perfect to go from location to location and the new ergonomic design makes it easy-to-use.

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