Specular Microscope

Product Code: DS103001

Specular Microscope


The new CSO Specular Microscope is placed at the top of corneal diagnostic instruments, by using the last hardware and software technologies. Its very compact dimensions and its very easy and automatic software, make it the best solution for corneal endothelium analysis purposes. The instrument does not need of an external PC, because everything is integrated inside!

The analysis is fully automatic and the instrument is very easy to use.

The last hardware and software technologies have been used to develop this new instrument. An excellent CCD camera is used to get bright and high contrast endothelium pictures; a software algorithm is used to get the best focused image. An advanced editing tool is available for pictures acquired from high-damaged eyes.

After a very fast exam, endothelium parameters are evaluated. Data include:cells size and density (polimegatism), statistical indices, cells morphology and shape percentage (pleomorphism), histograms for cells areas. The cells counting procedure is fully automatic and open perimeter cells count is also performed; statistical analysis is achieved based on more than one hundred cells. An indicative corneal thickness data (pachimetry) is also provided.

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