CSO Cornea Analysis Scheimpflug Camera

Product Code: Sirius DS103101

CSO Cornea Analysis Scheimpflug Camera


The excellent combination between a rotating Scheimpflug camera and a Placido disk allows a complete analysis of both the entire cornea and the anterior segment:

Turnkey guided acquisition system
Corneal and anterior segment Scheimpflug image analysis
Tangential and axial curvature for the anterior and posterior corneal surface
Refractive power for the anterior and posterior corneal surface and equivalent power
Altimetric maps referred to various surfaces
Corneal thickness map and anterior chamber depth map
Corneal wavefront and visual quality analysis
Contact lens fitting module
Corneal refractive surgery
Cataract surgery
Glaucoma screening
Keratoconus screening
Comparison between 2, 3, 4 topographic
maps or 2 wavefront maps
Differential maps between 2 or 3 topographic maps
Contact lens fitting

Download our spec sheet for full details.

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